Arizona Parallel Inspection Training
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We are experts at helping you obtain your Arizona Home Inspection License. Gather advice from us on the best Arizona Home Inspection Schools, the tools necessary for home inspectors and Phoenix Home Inspection Training information.  Why choose AISI for your Parallel Inspections?
  • We provide the system for reporting so you don't need to hastily purchase a system and work to make it meet the Arizona Standards of Practice. We can provide assistance to help you make a final decision on which reporting system to purchase.
  • Complete your required parallel inspections rapidly on real inspections with expert inspectors that have high levels of experience. See the full inspection process from arriving at the property through the wrap-up explanation with the clients. These are not mock inspections.

  • If you choose, you can train with more than one inspector to get different perspectives.

  • Our high volume of inspections allow for many appointment slots so that the parallel training can best fit into your schedule.

  • We normally schedule no more than two trainees per inspection so that you get the attention you deserve.

  • We are available for a full year after training is completed to help answer questions and be your support system.

  • We have been providing parallel inspection training since 2003 and have hundreds of satisfied students.

  • Pricing is $3,000 for the 30 state required parallel inspections ($100 each) with 1/2 due up front and 1/2 after your 15th inspection. A refund is available for any unused portion if you decide to discontinue. No purchase risk to you.

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